Sunday, September 23, 2007


Baby Chica The latest addition to the household is this little girl. I found her in the middle of a road in CK back in May. She was sitting in the road meowing as loud as she could, and thankfully people were going around her. I drove by, turned around and prayed she hadn't been turned into a pancake on the pavement.She was still there right in the middle of the road, so I stopped and jumped out with a couple cars waiting (fortunately some very patient policemen were right behind me). Pretty ChicaShe hobbled straight for the car, and was so tiny I was able to pick her up in one hand. She was a sick kitten for a while, she had a persistent respritory infection, and eye infections. She was ugly and tough little thing from the start. We have had her for a few months now; she's healthy, happy, and apparently thinks she's a ninja (more on this later).

Above: Chica a few days after bringing her home. Right: Looking much better after a few visits to Dr. Tudor and many many baths.

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