Sunday, November 27, 2005

It's off to work we go...

I went in to work for a little bit yesterday. The cleaners hadn't come so Elaine and I cleaned up the classroom for Monday. The past week has been taken up with workshops, Education Day, then Thanksgiving. I felt as if I hadn't been in the classroom in months, it was a bit weird. I have missed my students in the last week, though I'm not exactly looking forward to holding class tomorrow haha. Holiday breaks never seem long enough...

Saturday, November 26, 2005

For the Rest of Us...

Festivus for the rest of us. Get your own Festivus pole here The Festivus Pole. If I could afford one I would. I guess I'll have to air my grievances without one...

Friday, November 25, 2005

Post Limbo

Was trying To figure out a way to bring posts in from the previous incaration of this blog. I haven't found a way yet that lets me do it painlessly enough so they will have to remain in limbo for the time being. Poor lil posts...

Silk yarn

Silk yarn

Waiting for the rest of it to arrive, I'm so excited. I know I'm getting older when yarn excites me...

Monday, November 21, 2005

New Old Friends

I love when old friends find me on the net. It seems to be happening a lot lately. Three people I haven't talked to in forever have contacted me in the last two weeks. I'm horrible at keeping in touch with people (my closest friends know and forgive me for it, right Mim's?), but it makes for great reunion emails. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I'm really sore today. I've gained some weight in the last year, and I've gotten a lot less flexible. Now when I come home from work, more often than not I'm hurting somewhere. Sitting on the floor and in little chairs all day has gotten a lot harder. I need to do something about the weight!

Sunday, November 06, 2005


I slept too late today, so I am still up at 10:54pm on a Sunday. If I get to bed 2 minutes past 10 I'm a grump at work the next day. I'm apologizing to my students in my head right now. With a three day weekend I should be bright eyed and perky-tailed Monday morning, though I think I got too excited about an extra night and over did the whole staying up late thing. Oh well, only 4 days until the next holiday.

Is it over?

The local elections were held yesterday. Very big deal. Every inch of ground viewable from well, anywhere, is covered in election billboards. Hours were spent in traffic trying to get around so called wavings. As if seeing a whole bunch of people wearing your t-shirt standing halfway into my lane is really going to get my vote. Campaign convoys clogging up the road, and those obnoxious loudseakers attatched to trucks playing music you can't make out. People feaking out upon hearing the slight posibility their candidate might lose. And this morning, some guy calls asking for my mom (not here), then this convo takes place:

Guy: "Hey, I heard you voted for Ben and Tim"
Me: (Heard? Pshh) "Um, no I didn't vote"
Guy: "What? Why?"
Me: "Didn't register in time" (I do feel like a butthead for this)
Guy: "Ooh" (Pause) "If you did who would you vote for?"
Me: "Yeah, I'll tell my mom you called" *click*

I don't know who it was, sounded like a relative.

Official election results are still not out, people still being obnoxious. Wake me when it's over.

Teacher Elaine on the slide

How many people are lucky enough to get payed to do this?

Friday, November 04, 2005

Lock and Key

It's funny what amazes children. I showed this activity to one child yesterday morning, and before I knew it I had an audience of seven wanting to be next. No parents' valuables will be safe lol.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I love November

So many holidays, and only 30 days in wich to cram 'em. Two three day weekends in a row! I almost feel guilty being so happy about it. There are so many things to get done at work, some of the children need rescreenings and Tim's been asking to be shown the number rods for 3 days. A parent meeting on wednesday, and I need to remake the mystery number game (much more durable this time, the last one got used to death). Countless other little things need doing.....

But with only one full work week this month, I can't help but be happy heehee.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In one ear...

A conversation I had today with a student (C.S.) while waiting for all the children to arrive:

C.S.: "Teacher Ramanda, why is the window wet?"
Me: "It's called condensation"
C.S.: "What's consation?"
Me: "It happens when the warm wet air hits the cold window, the water in the air stays on the window"
C.S.: "Oooh"
C.S. (to another child): "Look and the consa...condesation!"
Other child: "What's that?"
C.S.: "I don't know"