Monday, July 03, 2006

The Children's Hour

It's 6:13 am, and I have finished watching 4 hours of the X-files on TNT. I love that show. The Children's Hour is on TCM. Audry Hepburn and a very young Shirley MacLaine play two friends and headmistresses of a private girls school, who are accused of having a lesbian relationship. It's an interesting movie. The scene where Shirley Maclaine confesses that she really does love her friend "in that way" is very good.

Though I love Sabrina and Roman Holiday so much, I always want to see Audry Hepburn as an ingénue. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is on next, yay!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Night Owl

It's summer, which means no work and staying up all night. It always starts gradually, I wake up a little later every day, stay up a little later every night. Not surprisingly there isn't all that much to do at three in the morning. You'd think I'd find something productive to fill all the hours overnight, but not me. I'm not the productive type, at least when not under pressure. Lucky for me though, I'm not the only night owl in my family. Two mornings ago I was still up at 5:00am and was getting hungry. I texted Corin and we decided to get breakfast at the Taste of India Restaurant - they open for breakfast at 6:30am. I got dressed, put a baseball cap on over my poofy morning hair and headed down to pick her up. My cousin Nick decided to tag along so we all headed down to Garapan. We got there only to discover they had changed their opening time to 8:30. Instead of finding somewhere else to eat (I had a taste for some curry and naan) we decided to hang out until opening, an hour and a half. To amuse myself I pulled out my camera and started snapping pictures. The light was very nice I found some interesting stuff, and some stuff found me.

Nick and Corin waiting on one of the covered benches

Corin on one of the covered banches

A lantern in front of Furusato restaurant

A sign on the door to Furusato

A very friendly cat that came up and played with us

See more pictures of our little trip here

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

They Call Her Unproductive

Well, I call myself unproductive lately anyway. So here's my summer to do list, I'm going to stick to it! If I write it it must be true, right?
  • Finish the Mystery Number game (It's been sitting unfinished for a month)
  • Cut up and organize photos for the continent folders
  • Cut up and organize any other photos that may be useful
  • Knit 2 mystery bags
  • Sew bags for children's extra clothes
  • Go through my albums, mark exercises that I haven't made yet
  • Make those exercises (at least the ones that I'll probably put out in the first few months)
  • Print out pages for, and put together the observation binder
Now that I write it, sounds like a lot. I thought I could relax all summer! Ah well, I'll relax when I retire.


I found this exercise on the Montessori Services website. I wish I had the money to buy complete activities, but this looks easy enough to make.
  • 2 Small embroidery hoops with vinyl
  • 2 Metal Yarn Needles
  • Satin cord
  • Beads to tie at the end of the cord
  • Pincushion
  • Basket to hold materials
I love a good project! I'll have to post some pics of the activities I'm making.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Sleepless Spam

Didn't get to sleep until about 7:00am this morning. It was weird because I had gotten out of bed at 12:00pm yesterday (early for me during summer break). I did get to see a lovely sunrise and a morning rain. Double rainbows showed up after the sun got a bit higher in the sky. Got some nice pics as well.

Ah! The Spam. How many times have you ever been in a store, trying to decide on a snack? Then it hits you! The only thing that will satisfy your cravings is a slice of Spam. These Spam Singles have been showing up at the stores around here. Spam is a staple here in the Pacific. However, it seems weird that someone would want Spam on the go, it's not exactly an on the go kind of food. It's a bit expensive for a single slice of the meat product. Is it really that much of an inconvenience to slice through a block of this stuff?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! Went to Hyatt for brunch this afternoon, though it was more like lunch. Everyone had forgotten about Father's Day, so my dad made the reservation himself the day before. We got a 1:00pm reservation, wich worked out perfectly since my parents were both up very late partying with Gregg. How sad is it when your parents party harder than you do? It was a nice brunch, no uncomfortable conversations about where I am in my life and why I wasn't further along in my education by now - wich is what I was dreading. Had a mountain of a crepe and my favorite tiramisu. All in all a lovely afternoon.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I spent a lot of time waiting today. Usually I don't mind waiting (in a hospital or bank are the exceptions), it's time that's useful for daydreaming, sorting thought and thinking up new ones, for taking random pics. Today though, I just felt like it was all time wasted. I wasn't in a hurry to do anything, but the whole time I was anxious like I there was something I should be doing, or somewhere I needed to get to.

Why did my anxiety wait until summer to start hitting again?

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Beach at Sunset

Stopped along Beach Road today, a little bit before sunset. Was on my way to pick up a present for Corin. I ended up getting her the books In Cold Blood, because I can't believe she has never read it, and Night because she said she wanted to read it, and I want to read it after she does...but I digress. The light was beautiful, so I stopped. I walked down to the beach and startled a fisherman, he looked embarrassed - I don't know why. I took a few pictures. I spotted a crab, and bent down to take a pic. He didn't mind me being that close, but as soon as I put the camera up to take his picture he ran off. I guess he was camera shy.


Summer is well under way, and proudly, I have done absolutely nothing! After getting all the Montessori work turned in and waiting for grades, it feels good to just kick back. It was Weird at first. I always felt like there was something I was supposed to be doing, some deadline I should be dreading. After a few days of sitting in Java Joe's, and actually finishing Anna Karenina, I got over it.

Now I should start thinking about making some materials for the upcoming year. It is my intern teaching year after all. I think I can go a few more days of just goofing off though. I'll start thinking about that Sunday.

...Or maybe Monday :)

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Weekends

The past few weekends I've spent most of my days sitting in Java Joe's trying to decide on a topic for my research paper. I also drink too much coffee and goof off. Still haven't decided on a topic, but I did learn that coffee and bbq'd pork don't taste all that good together...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lazy Days

I've been so lazy lately with everything. Lazy with work, with school, with this blog. Usually I look forward to doing things with the children at work, to doing school work at Java Jose's. Since February hit though, I've been in a funk. Just letting the days go by, accomplishing little. Hopefully I'll find some motivation again haha.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Been a while

I know it's been almost a month, things have been a bit hectic. The parents retired. Well, my mother semi-retired. The workaholic she is, is going to work until the end of May. Both of them gone over the holidays left J and me here to take care of the Christmas festivities...pretty much meant me doing all the last minute shopping and J putting his name on all the cards haha. Whe the parents were gone they bought a house. A house! It's a pretty lil' house just a few blocks down from my grandparent's place in Bakersfield. They want to be close with both of them having some health problems. The whole thing was very last minute. One day my dad says he's going to wait, that everything they looked at was too small. The next day they have a house.
On a different note, I'm heading back to work tomorrow and nothing I said I was going to do over the Christmas break has gotten done. How very typical of me. Oh well...