Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Night Owl

It's summer, which means no work and staying up all night. It always starts gradually, I wake up a little later every day, stay up a little later every night. Not surprisingly there isn't all that much to do at three in the morning. You'd think I'd find something productive to fill all the hours overnight, but not me. I'm not the productive type, at least when not under pressure. Lucky for me though, I'm not the only night owl in my family. Two mornings ago I was still up at 5:00am and was getting hungry. I texted Corin and we decided to get breakfast at the Taste of India Restaurant - they open for breakfast at 6:30am. I got dressed, put a baseball cap on over my poofy morning hair and headed down to pick her up. My cousin Nick decided to tag along so we all headed down to Garapan. We got there only to discover they had changed their opening time to 8:30. Instead of finding somewhere else to eat (I had a taste for some curry and naan) we decided to hang out until opening, an hour and a half. To amuse myself I pulled out my camera and started snapping pictures. The light was very nice I found some interesting stuff, and some stuff found me.

Nick and Corin waiting on one of the covered benches

Corin on one of the covered banches

A lantern in front of Furusato restaurant

A sign on the door to Furusato

A very friendly cat that came up and played with us

See more pictures of our little trip here

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